Citizenship ceremonies


If you have just been accepted for naturalisation or granted British citizenship, you must attend a citizenship ceremony.

Face to face citizenship ceremonies take place at the Council Chamber in County Hall in Chelmsford. However, due to Covid-19 restrictions the number of face to face ceremonies is currently limited. So we are offering virtual ceremonies conducted on Microsoft Teams either as part of a group or individually.

Usually, you must do this within 3 months of being given approval. In response to Coronavirus restrictions, the Home Office have currently extended this period to 6 months from date of approval.

We are aware that the letter you receive from the Home Office advises you to contact us within 21 days. However this will not be necessary as we are also advised by the Home Office when you have received a letter and we will contact you automatically.

The details of ceremony options will be sent to you by post or email shortly after you receive your letter of approval from the Home Office.

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